Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Durian-durian I miss you too!!

Wah got Durian to eat man!!!

These Durian were bought at Ipoh, it is called D24.
D24 is Sweet and creamy taste. Wow! I still can recall the feels until now. Good good.....
Hope will try it again.

These durians (Shown on photos below), which is selling in Japan, its cost about RM70 each, all of them are imported from Thailand. I would rather go back home to eat the local one.


heng gee said...

Loo Weng Leong,
not that i want to splash water, but give and take la. u r in japan, got durian already should smile. still want to choose ah?

Nelson said...

Heng Gee,

Maybe you are right, but the thing is I miss Malaysian one lah! not the one from THAILAND.