Saturday, April 29, 2006

Golden week holiday trip 1 - IRAGO Beach

This place is called IRAGO. Its took me 3 hours drive to be here. This is the 2nd times for me to visit this place.
Today's weather is not good, cloudy but lucky no rain. Actually this place got nothing special, I came here for other purpose......guess what?

Hey my Yuki is dancing on a rock! Not sure why? Maybe she like this place.

YES! I came here for..........Seafoods!
This man was making a special dinner for us.

Have you ever seen this before? Its called OASARI in Japanese, means Big Shell. The seafoods at IRAGO is really fresh and taste sweet to eat. Do you believed that I have took 4 plates of OASARI today, which is total 12 shells.

The following photo is BBQ oysters. Look at the size of it! Bigger than my spoon!

The following dinner sets are for my wife and I. I Love Japanese seafoods!

If you come to Japan next time I will bring you over here to try it.

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