Thursday, April 27, 2006

Made in Malaysia: Naza Sutera

Our Malaysia local company has joint venture with China company in Automotive manufacturing. The first product was launched on last week and the model name is called NAZA SUTERA.
More info. read this: Motortrend
Hafei Lobo: and

Here is some background of this vehicle, you can check it below.

What is your comment? Buying it or not?
Let's see how many of you will invest your money on this so called SUTERA!

My opinion, I will not buy it unless I have no other choices.
I would rather buy a MYVI.

What do you think?


khloh said...

Weng Leong, Thks for your comment. Definitely we are expect some comment from automobile expert like you when a new car launched. Actually there are 2 Carsem technician book the car already. Basically they are attract with the RM35K & advances features as dual airbag & MP3/ CD player. MyVi is more expensives. As you know that due to government support, Naza group is getting stronger. Then the after sales support will not have much issues.
As you mentioned that Mitsubishi is implementing zero defect. Actually what approach is going to use. Is it 6 sigma methology??

Nelson said...

Hi khloh,

Not to say I am expert in Automobile design, just I am more interest on AutoEngineering rather than just the looks of it.

Your colleagues had booked it, as I say before buying a brand new car also depend on your luck. You will never find a brand (Any automaker) that are perfectly good and ZERO defect rights? I think its depend on the reaction and company experienced to handle the situation.

Back to the price issue, in Malaysia with the budget of RM35k for a brand new car is not much choices, either KANCIL or this SUTERA.

But for me, I would rather pay a little bit more for MYVI (RM45K), reasons as follows:
1) Safety: New design meet ENCAP and international regulation.
2) Proven design: Tested by Japanese big brother TOYOTA & Daihatsu.
3) Spare parts: Easy and cost might be lower, since it was sold 2 years ago.
4) Quality: No comment no worry, Perodua response is good.
5) Resell value: Which one would you prefer if both used for 2 years. one is Myvi and the other is SUTERA, lets say same price RM30K.
6) Engine and Transmission: TOYOTA VVT-i compare to ????? Japanese remodified or rework engine which assemble in CHINA!
7) Interior quality: Myvi interior cloth and plastic specifications, I guess not much changes compare to Japanese market, but this SUTERA 2 years max? Might be looks 10 years old after 2 years, broken parts, air-con .......fade in color.....check used car in China lah.
8) Loan: I guess the bank is prefer to give you good rate for Myvi compare to SUTERA.
9) NVH: buying a SUTERA might be good just for few months, after that Noise and metal knocking sound will be coming soon. Durability and realibility can only be knew after driving it.
10) Styling: This SUTERA looks like 10 years old ISWARA and Square looking shape. I think MYVI has 100x better looking.

Actually, driving a car is very risky too, I means besides the OUTSIDER crash into yours and on the other hand your car's problem (brake,....light,...) might cause you in collision. Therefore, please think deeply before buying a car that you and your love one will use it everyday. Sometime the cost for extra RM10K will safe you RM100K for free accidents. I always play safe!

Regarding 6 sigma, can be done just the issue of cost. When you implement 6 sigma, it is actually narrow your tolerance range too. From +/-0.05mm to +/- 0.025mm for example.

I think is very hard to achieve the ZERO defect manufacturing goals with current technologies.

What do you think?

khloh said...

Weng Leong,
If your time is convinience, pls go to support our Thomas cup team in 07 May 2006 Tokyo final tournament. This year will be Malaysia good chances to win back the Thomas cup after 14years. We have average player for both single & double that is already proven with the new 21point system. China is lack of double player. So, if we win 1 single out of 3, then we are the winner. Indonesia this year is very weak & only depend on Taufik. But recently Taufik is injured & married, the performances will be poor. So, Malaysia Boleh for our Thomas cup team. I will support thru the live show in TV
For the Nasa Sutera, I will update you the performances when our technician receive the car. Then we can guage the actual performances. Actually this Sutera is the 1st cut, next month there is another model roll out NX-02. But this model is expensive RM70-80K. But it is comparable with Honda Jazz.

Nelson said...

Hi khloh,

Thomas cup is GONE!
When Malaysia lost to Denmark iin Semi final and now the champion is CHINA.

Malaysian is always like that, Don't give them too much pressure. I guess they can't performed well when we expected them to WIN the games, but if we don't They will perform GOOD sometimes SUPERB too.

I'm just came back from Long Holiday, now is the time to work!


chinacars said...

all this really is a badged HAFEI lobo :).... nothing too special..tehre are soo many chinese cars

Nelson said...

Hi Chinacars,

Welcome to my blog!

Good works on your CHINESE cars blog.

Are you a Car design Engineer? Why you like to collect only china cars information? What a Surprise to me and nice to meet you!