Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Made in Malaysia: NAZA 206 Bestari Launched in Malaysia today

I believed you guys had seen this model many years ago and it was a PEUGEOT 206 originally. Naza had rebadged it and called as NAZA 206 Bestari with the price of RM68K to RM70K on the road.

The overall aim when designing the 206 Bestari suspension, was to ensure supple yet controlled suspension movement to maximise ride quality while, unlike many cars, enhancing driving pleasure by providing a distinctly sporting feel.

The 1.4 litre engine delivers a maximum power of 55 kW (approximately 75 PS) at 5500 rpm and a stall torque of 120 Nm at 2800 rpm.

It is coupled with an MA/5N 5-speed manual transmission or an AL4 4-speed automatic gear box with adaptive and sequential control (Tiptronic System Porsche).

The MA/5N transmission is adapted to the torque and power characteristics of the TU3 engine.

The front suspension consists of a pseudo-McPherson strut, acting on a lower wishbone with a linked anti-roll bar and hydraulic dampers set to a pressure of 3 bars.

The rear suspension consists of two rear suspension arms rigidly attached to a cross member, with two torsion bars, ananti-roll bar, and two hydraulic dampers.

Hydraulically operated power assisted steering is standard and discs are used at the front, while drums look after the rear.

The 206 Bestari provides the occupants with a number of safety systems in terms of impact protection, including two front air bags, combined with pretensioning seat belts with force limiters, front seat belt web locks and Three-point rear seat belts.

ABS with Electronic brake force distribution (EBFD) and emergency brake assistance (EBA) are standard on the Tiptronic System Porsche version.

Based on a pre-launch survey, NCSB predicts sales will reach 10,000 units this year for both the domestic and international markets.
KY driver

With the budget of RM70k actually we had not much choices to buy a good car in Malaysia. It was due to taxes structure and local automotive industrials factors.

Buying a Rebaged Peugeot might be a good options to you if you are looking for a affordable continental compact car. If you planning to buy this babe, I would suggest you to book it now since most of the parts and components still not fully localized yet.

This car will be a direct competitor to HONDA Jazz (Fit in Japan) and TOYOTA Yaris where their price are similar. However, if you are looking for a low maintenance cost vehicle, then this NAZA 206 might be a bit costly for you. The body is heavy than japanese models and the engine is smaller than original 2.0L engine from Peugeot, I think it will consume more petrol (Gasoline) than you thought.

As I always said, Buying a car (New or Used) is always a risk to get a problem car, its depend on your LUCK. As you know The car is "made by HUMAN, designed by HUMAN and HUMAN make ERRORs", therefore I always wish you GOOD LUCK to buy any cars.

As usual, our beloved Minister (This time is Najib TPM) will shown us his "THUMB UP" signed, and the same smilling face everytime. Here is the photo from The Edge newspaper.

If you wish to know more about this model please click on the above title. Thanks Paul Tan providing the detials and photos on his blog. ARIGATOU, Terima Kasih!

Naza 206 Bestari Sporty version:
Paultan: Naza-206-bestari-sport-concept/

Naza's Engineers had redesigned the Front & Rear Bumper a bit, Add Twin exhaust at the back, Side mirror with Signals lights on it, Head lamps with BMW angel's eyes feature, Roof spoiler, and the logo or NAZA mark on it.

This photo was copied from Paultan blog. It was a nice looking head lamps.

Youtube Peugeot 206 2 doors crash test

Indian Special out!

Youtube Real crash...don't try this on road!

Youtube Not to try this too! Watch out.


kh loh said...

Some correction, Honda Jazz & Toyota Yaris is far more expensive. It is in the RM96K range versus the Naza 206 < RM70K. But I am wonder that no more Peugeot 206 car in M'sia now ?? Actually how is the deal between Naza & Peugeot?? This Naza 206 model can export to other country ??

Nelson said...

Hey Khloh,

Okay if you have RM80k would you consider Naza 206 now?

If you do, that's means Honda and Yaris will be affected rights!?

This model is not new now, Peugeot has a newer one. I think Naza can sell it to other country with NAZA brand. Question is, is there any demand on it or is there any customers willing to buy an old model (From Naza) if the price is similar as new one (From Peugeot)?

Therefore, the case is like Proton before, wira and perdana are 15 years old models from Mitsubishi. Even if, Proton don't sell it, it will be rejected models in Japan and other countries. Which means, your competitors will never give you their best products for you to sell, it will never ever happen in this real world.

BTW, how do you feel about this NAZA 206? Planning to buy one?

I think you can buy it, but just the maintenance cost might be a bit high later. Maybe the size is a little small for you too, since your family members are getting more now.