Friday, June 16, 2006

Made in Malaysia: Proton Satria Neo launched today!

The Satria Neo is beautifully crafted evolution of the famous icon, the Proton Satria GTi. Style and comfort dominate the exterior curves and interior shades. Bold and engaging textures enhance the environment to provide a smooth, comfortable drive, every time.


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After 4 years of R&D, finally the Satria is launched today. Couldn't understand the additional name means for? Anybody knows why its call NEO?

Exterior Styling looks Okay to me! except the Rims (blingbling type) and inconvenience of 2 doors access. Anyway, still not sure about its performance, I means Engine and Ride handling, therefore I need you guys to report me on test drive feeling. But the interior is looks so-so, nothing interesting to me. I don't like the hand brake handle shape (Kris?), inside handles, door trim (too square and sharp edges) and a small glove box (No space to hide something).

I think Proton is moving to the right direction (With Twin Airbags), just hope that the overall quality will be improved as promised before. For me, I would rather to buy a 4 doors car with the same price (Myvi), I am sorry definately not a 2 doors car for a family usage. is Not convenient at all!

Good luck Proton, Good JOB!

Youtube Part 1

Youtube Part 2


khloh said...

Neo is a prefix, derived from Greek that means new or recent. Do you still remember the matrix 3 episod?? Neo is the main character which is meaning news form. So, this is the same for Satria. After 12 years, this is the reborn/ new version. When I have our people test try or purchase it, I will update you. The important thing is the local engine Campro performances. From Gen 2, Waja & now Satria Neo. So far so good. Hope that it will working & Proton will continue the grow. Now we are eye on Proton SUV/ MPV version.

Nelson said...


Will you consider to buy one?

Neo is reborn? I think no need to add it, because it will be difficult for next full model change. SATRIA Neo Neo.....neo or Gen 2, 3, 4.....?? I think keep the original name as "SATRIA" will be the best, saved money too!

Simple is the best!