Friday, July 14, 2006

China's QQ arrives in Malaysia

CHINA'S best selling five-door compact car - the Chery QQ - is now available in Malaysia.

The car, distributed by Alado Bumi Automobile Sdn Bhd, is offered in two variants - the standard QQ with the on-the-road price of RM39,888 and sporty QQRacing (QQR) at RM41,888.

It uses a five-speed manual gearbox and is powered by a 812cc three-cylinder twin cam engine.
The engine utilises the Siemens Automotive System Corp's electronic multi-point fuel injection and produces a maximum power output of 52bhp at 6,000rpm and maximum torque of 77kgcm from 3,500 to 4000rpm. (Source from The star)

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The Edge

I think the car is a bit over price, perhaps someone can buy a better one with the same amount.
I mean this case is like paying the Original branded products price (Martiz) to buy a clone one (QQ), makes no sense right. You all know that, a "Copy product" will never be the same or be better than the "Original" one. Maybe someone behind will make a huge profit soon. No need to ask who lah!
Anyway, it is up to you, with this price I would rather get a Myvi or even 3 doors Satria Neo. Sorry I am not a Salesman of Perodua or Proton.

The Edge reported:
If the deal goes through, Proton will assemble its models at Chery’s plant in China, while Chery cars will be assembled at Proton’s plant in Malaysia.

“We want to place Malaysia as an attractive (car production) base in Asean; we also want to have success of Proton cars entering China through (joint ventures with) Chery,” Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Husin said.
>>> I don't see the benefit of doing this anyway, China car is low grade car but it is cheap enough to attract customers (Those poor guys) to buy it in Malaysia, but Proton in China will become a big question mark????... Who will buy a Proton car, where the price is not cheap enough (vs China and Korea) and it has a moderate quality vs to Korean, Japan or European?

If you want to see the crash test results or photos, please click the link below:
Paultan blog

If you can survival in such condition, you might be the only one who join the MI: 4 , means "Mission Inquiry to Die (4)" Even if with Twin Airbag installed on it, I guess you might be end up with Coma or half death. Please think twice before you PAY!

Good luck to Alado and Malaysia Boleh! Like the words written on this QQ!

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