Sunday, July 02, 2006

WorldCup 2006!! France Vs Brazil - 1 - 0

What a surprise to see Brazil lost to France! Any comments!?
The Semi final left, Germany, Italy, Portugal and France.

I guess Germany will be the WorldCup Champion soon.
GERMANY VS FRANCE: 2:1 is my prediction. ENJOYed the games!

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khloh said...

My prediction will be Italy vs France. Germany & Portugal will stop here. Finally Itlay will win the world cup champion. This is base on the fact that Italy need to clear their recent corruption image to show that actually they are playing real. So, the battle is very important to them. They beed to prove themself to be clean by achieving the world cup champion. Thare is no harm for Germany, Portugal & France to lost finally as they are travel so far in & it is enough to justify already.
Wait for 05 July to check out either you or me have sharper eye on this

Nelson said...

Hey Loh,

I agreed with you on Image issue but on the other hand Italy might have too much pressure to play the final game and could be end up like Brazil did. That's why I predict Germany will be the Big winner soon. Cheers~!

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