Friday, February 03, 2006

Japanese TEMPURA Seafood rice bowl

Hei this is my lunch, Japanese "Tempura". I like it very much.

The one below is for my daughter, isn't it cute and variety?
Honestly, the Japanese is more concerns about food's presentation and nutritious compare to Malaysian.


kian hwa said...

The Tempura is quite similar to Ipoh Parade & Jaya Jusco Japaneses restaurant. But not sure whether the taste is similiar or not. So far, the Japanese food is quite common in Malaysia as there are many Japanese restaurant around. Do your wife cooking in houses?? How about Malaysian food in Japan. Any Satay, Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Wantan Mee & etc ??

Nelson said...

Actually Japanese foods are very simple and easy to be made, therefore you can remade it, same taste at anyway in the world.

Reason is simple, thier ingredient are mostly from natural foods, I can say nearly 90%. As long as you use their home made products to cook, you can duplicate it anytime.

Satay? Nasi lemak? Sorry, so far I have not found one in TOKYO, OSAKA nor NAGOYA city. I have give up my seeking because Japanese doesn't like oily and SPICY taste foods at JAPAN.

The one at Ipoh Parade, means GENKI Sushi? I think the Sushi is not as fresh as here, therefore the taste is not as good as here too. Once you have tried the original one at Japan you will agree with me.

Tempura looks the same but the seafoods at Japan is fresher.

heng gee said...

japanese food in shanghai not as good as in tokyo. the consolation is i can malaysian food here in shanghai... even ipoh hor fun :) sadly, cannot get the penang hokkien mee here :( but i am contented anyway. at least for food there some malaysian variety.......

Nelson said...

Heng Gee,

Wow! Ipoh Hor Fun at Shanghai?
How's the taste?

Sad to say that, I haven't found any Malaysian taste or foods, especially NASI LEMAK at NAGOYA. Until now I have only found one at TOKYO city, the boss is a Malaysian.

Do send me some photos of Shanghai foods, restaurant, See no touch still okay to me!!