Wednesday, February 01, 2006

KFC M'sia vs KFC USA vs KFC Japan

Do you know that KFC at US and Japan are not the same at Malaysia?

Check this out:
This KFC is from Malaysia, Big and yummy!!! I miss it very much.

And this KFC is from the USA. (ORIGINAL Home land)
Honestly, I still prefer Malaysia's made KFC. Why? Because they don't have HOT & SPICY taste! No doubt the size of chicken is very similar to Malaysia's KFC.

This photo shows the KFC which I bought at Japan.
As you can see the size of chickens, it is much smaller than the one in Malaysia. And much more expensive too, just for your information the price of 6 pieces (1 box) is 1180 yen, which is about RM35.00.
In Japan, spicy taste KFC is not common, it's only available during Summer season.
They called it as "Little Hot", but I do feels very spicy and very hot compare to Malaysia's KFC.


heng gee said...

bird flu la...... i am staying away from chicks and eggs. got milk? got mutton? no beef also due to mad-cow....:)

Nelson said...

Heng Gee,

Maybe I am lucky, no bird flu case in Japan. MAD-COW cause nothing to me cause it is not my favourite foods.

Hey, tell me the KFC foods and story at Shanghai lah!