Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Let's Meet Dr. Don Fei

Let's meet Dr.Don Fei,

Let me introduce to you all.
He is a Chinese from China.
But, he had been staying in Japan for quite a long time.
He is a Researcher (R&D center) in Automotive industrials.

He can speak fluent English and Japanese, also in Mandarin. He said that, he knew a bit Cantonese too, but I think his Cantonese is so-so only by the way.
I met him at a very special place about 2 years ago, which is the driving tests center at Japan.

Refer to this photo, he is sitting on the left corner and just beside me.
The most right side man is his good friend, the middle couple is Lecturer, and all of them are from China.

Hi Don Fei,

Do you still remember this photo?
Maybe we can have another day of outing this year. Looking forwards to meet you someday. Keep in touch!

Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year (DOG YEAR).

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